DATA for GOOD Foundation is a Danish not-for-profit organisation that promotes individual data rights and equip citizens with digital tools that allow them to exercise their right to data portability (GDPR, art. 20) and make more data available for common good purposes.

Individual Data Control as a Means to Unleash the Potential of Data

Data for Good strives to make it easier for individuals to turn their data into valuable and actionable insights in a secure and privacy preserving way by making data available for organizations. Data for Good believes that the individual citizen should be the locus of control in the increasingly expanding data economy. That is, data generated by the individual should only be shared if the individual citizen provides an explicit and informed consent. We believe that empowering the individual as a gatekeeper in the data economy will help (re-)establish trust in data sharing and motivate individual citizens to share more of their data with projects, organizations and institutions with legitimate interests in this data - and thereby help create valuable insights and solve critical societal challenges.

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The DATA for GOOD Platform

In collaboration with trusted partner organisations, Data for Good Foundation has developed the DATA for GOOD Platform. This provides citizens with a data consent overview and allows them to exercise control over their personal data, e.g. to withdraw, modify or extend existing data consents. Moreover, it allows citizens to share data with common purpose projects and organisations, such as research institutions, NGO’s and public welfare organisations without actually disclosing any personal details. This is achieved by means of the encryption protocol Secure Multiparty Computation (MPC). With MPC it is possible to combine and compute encrypted, anonymised and distributed data. Thus, researchers and analysts can get access to valuable insights derived from data without ever accessing the actual input data.

With the DATA for GOOD platform researches and analysts can get access to valuable insights derived from accumulated data without ever accessing the actual input data.

The platform has been developed - and is still being developed -in the context of a number of grand scale public-private R&D projects on privacy-preserving data exchange. Among these; the BLOCKDAP project (Blockchain, Data and Privacy in Healthcare) and the HEDAX (Health Data Exchange) project. In the HEDAX project the platform is currently being used to facilitate the donation of health data from cancer patients to researchers in a test set-up.


DATA for GOOD Support Network

DATA for GOOD Foundation has established a support network for companies and organisations who wants to support the development of our citizen centred and privacy preserving platform and our work to promote individual data control. As a member of the support network you will help us raising the ethical standards for data handling and building a data infrastructure that makes it possible to activate and combine various types of data for common good purposes.

If you are interested in supporting our work, please get in touch!

Members of the support network

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Data for Good Foundation is a MyData Operator

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Data for Good Foundation was awarded with a MyData Operator Certificate once again in March 2023.

The MyData Operator Award recognises personal data companies that have shown leadership by providing human-centric solutions that empower individuals to manage their personal data. The MyData Operator Awards are the gold standard for ethical data intermediaries.

Visit MyData Global for more information.

Who is behind the DATA for GOOD Foundation?

DATA for GOOD is established as foundation with a non-profit purpose. The foundation is run by a board, a small administration unit and by a network of volunteers.



Annemette Broch - Founder of DATA for GOOD Foundation

Sam Gilbert - Entrepreneur and author of 'Good Data: An Optimist's Guide to Our Digital Future'.

Bjørn Frantz Verwohlt - Former Head of Marketing, Topdanmark

Henriette Rald - CEO, Rald & Co, strategic communication

Michael Gorm Madsen - Chairman of the board, Partner, Bird & Bird, legal advisor

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