Who is Data for Good relevant for ?

Data for Good Foundation wants to improve public health and wellbeing of all. We challenge the traditional silo thinking. Data for Good creates new value creation across the different interests and actors.

The DfG platform creates coherence and ensures the citizen control over their own data.

Putting the citizen in control opens up the possibility that data is activated across silos, and thus creates value for the individual himself, but also for researchers, companies and society.

Below are the various components that together with the underlying encryption technology make up the DfG platform.


For you as a citizen – Personal DfG
We ensure that you have privacy and control over your own data.
We create the foundation for transparency and knowledge sharing, so it will be easier to make the right choices for you on an informed basis.

For you as a researcher – Analytic DfG
You get access to work with unique data across traditional silos.
We set the framework for relevant behavioral and register data to be combined and reused across interests and research areas with a focus on ethics and privacy.

For you as a company or organization that wants access to new knowledge – Analytic DfG
We offer better, faster and cheaper access to new insights and knowledge for anyone with an interest in responsible use of data.

For you as a Service Provider who wants to ensure transparency – Data DfG
By connecting your service to the DfG platform, your users can easily manage their consent and activate their own data across silos.

For you who want to integrate data and services
By integrating with the DfG platform, you become part of an ecosystem that ensures the citizen full control over their own data, with the ability to integrate and syndicate data across silos.

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